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The gulf and the middle-east jobs, sector have been active ever since the 70s. The construction, engineering, and infrastructure were beginning to boom and take a big shape in the scheme of things for organizations and the economy there. But where then would you get the right people, manpower, staff, skilled, semi-skilled workers? Nearly 40 years when the demand for this kind of personnel was extremely high and shooting…who would fulfill their requirements? It was not going to be an easy task. Getting the brief from the clients and studying them thoroughly was important as the Indian manpower resources although came from good stock, yet there were fears of working in countries with different laws and culture.

The fears were from sides. But M Gheewala HR Solutions came as one big troubleshooter and relief for meeting the requirements of both the interested parties – the employer on one side and the employee on the other. M Gheewala HR Solutions actually bridged the yawning gap and became a force to reckon with very soon. It was a huge blessing for all.

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